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    Faj (my character)


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    Faj (my character) Empty Faj (my character)

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    General Information:

    Name: Faj

    Nickname/Alias: The Demon King/Lava King

    Weight: dunno average lol

    Height: 6 foot

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Looks: avi

    Personality: keeps to himself , cold , doesn't talk much to those he sees as weak

    Clan Information

    Clan Name:

    Kekei Genkai:

    Clan Symbol: none

    Clan History:
    This doijutsu based bloodline is said to be originated from the rinneagan just like the sharingan and byakugan. It is a hidden bloodline that nobody knows about and has no records or information on it , The user is born with it and just has to train until the doijutsu finally reveals itself to the user. The bloodline is said to take after the rinnegan in the fact is has 3 different forms/ realms but the difference from the rinnegan is that the "realms" have no special abilities but links to the 3 styles of attacks , genjutsu , ninjutsu and taijutsu and reside in one user and not seperate bodies. Once a realm is activated the user can only use moves of that stage until they switch to another realm or deactivate the bloodline ( e.g if taijutsu realm was activated , the user can only use taijutsu moves until they switch realm or deactivate the bloodline )

    Rank Information:

    Rank: S rank

    Village: previously to the hidden leaf village

    Skill Information:

    Skill Specialty: Ninjutsu , and weaponry

    Elemental Affinity: Fire and Earth ( creator of lava , a combo of both)

    Special Characteristics:(Anything of Interest about your character. Kekkei Genkai, Special abilities, Large Chakra Reserves, etc. Those kinds of things go here.)

    Large amount of chakra , his special lava techniques , has a loyal pet - a red lion that appears to be on fire

    (will put jutsu in later)

    Background Information/RP Sample:
    History: (Put your character's history here).


    Started as an average academy student but started to resent those around him as they started to bully him and treat him as weak, passed the academy with top grades and moved onto becoming a genin

    was placed into a team with two of the people he dispised , they still treeated him in the same way , but he ignored them and began to train himself secretly creating his own styles of jutsu and training with weapons

    In the chuunin exam he cornered his own two team mates and killed them , burning them away till nothing was left of their bodies, began to have a lust for power at this time and passed his chuunin exams , now creating more powerful jutsu

    As a jounin he developed the lava element combing both his fire and earth together, since the incident at the chuunin exam he was always being watched , and monitored , here he decided that the leaf village was not worthy and he killed tose who were watching him and left the village, from here he travelled to other villages testing his strength and killing those he saw as weak ,in the end he decided to create his own organisation and claim power over the world
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    Faj (my character) Empty Re: Faj (my character)

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