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    The Hitoshirezu Clan


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    The Hitoshirezu Clan Empty The Hitoshirezu Clan

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    History//Legend of the Clan:

    This doijutsu based bloodline is said to be originated from the rinneagan just like the sharingan and byakugan. It is a hidden bloodline that nobody knows about and has no records or information on it , The user is born with it and just has to train until the doijutsu finally reveals itself to the user. The bloodline is said to take after the rinnegan in the fact is has 3 different forms/ realms but the difference from the rinnegan is that the "realms" have no special abilities but links to the 3 styles of attacks , genjutsu , ninjutsu and taijutsu and reside in one user and not seperate bodies. Once a realm is activated the user can only use moves of that stage until they switch to another realm or deactivate the bloodline ( e.g if taijutsu realm was activated , the user can only use taijutsu moves until they switch realm or deactivate the bloodline )

    Kekkei Genkai//Bloodline of the Clan:


    Ninjutsu Realm
    With the Ninjutsu realm the user has the abilities of using ninjutsu without any handseals required, the user also has the ability to instantly change their chakra to the required element rather than manipulate it to form the element
    e.g. how chidori would require handseals and charging and forming of lightning, the user in ninjutsu realm would be able to just form the chidori in their hand and attack at the opponent

    Genjutsu Realm
    with the genjutsu realm which is said to look like a white verion of the uchihas sharingan , the user has the abilities of seeing through all genjutsus and an ability to ( if they are a rank higher than the genjutsu used , they can reflect the genjutsu back at the user of it ) (cannot see through the mangekyou genjutsu )

    Taijutsu Realm
    in this realm the user is able to see up to extreme speeds and has the ability to move at extreme speed as well as increased strength

    Clan Information:

    - Clan Training :: Write here.

    - Population :: 1

    - Nature//Values :: to live life how they want to , only to do what they desire

    Additional Information [Optional]:

    - Clan Founder :: Faj

    - Relationship :: Hidden to the world

    - Clan Political Structure :: none ,as there is only one at a time

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