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    General Information

    Name: Nezeri Morioka

    Nickname/Alias: [None as of Now]

    Weight: 100

    Height: 4'11

    Age: 12

    Gender: Female

    Nezeri Morioka 2008-11-18-125267

    Personality: Nezeri is very mischievous, she enjoys practical jokes and would go all out for a laugh or too. She enjoys making deals and bribes as well. Ever since she was a child, she was very selfish and very egotistical. She's known for her lies which consist of yokai and super natural forces. This is due to her very over-reactive imagination. A very introspective person and because of this, she receives many melancholic thoughts. She is also a great strategist as well.


    Clan Information:

    Clan Name: None

    Kekei Genkai:None

    Clan Symbol: None

    Clan History: None

    Rank: Academy Student


    Rank Information

    Village: Yuki

    Skill Information

    Skill Specialty: Genjutsu and Puppetry

    Elemental Affinity: Lighting and wind (unable to use any abilities with these elements at current level)

    Special Characteristics: Has excessive amounts of chakra stored inside other than that, she is fast which is helpful with quick escapes.


    [Academy Based Jutsu's only, will add others after graduation]


    Background Information/RP Sample

    [Before Ninja Career]

    As a child, she has been spoiled and selfish because of her monarchy-type home and was often given sympathy and pity. She would often use a puppet to guide her (which uses large amounts of chakra because she needs to be able to see.) Her only family member she had was her father, in inventor of ninja weapons that helped many ninjas during war. Her father often left the village to help in war and she would be left alone with her father's fiancee. The fiancee envied her and would make several attempts to kill or at least injure her. In the last attempt of killing Nezeri, the fiancee was holding a knife but unfortunately missed her and stabbed herself. One of her puppets had tripped her, causing her to kill herself. After this incident, Nezeri escaped out of fear, fleeing to Yuki, taking her father's favorite weapon "Invidia" (a whip that she rarely uses in battle and is unable to before any attacks with because of her level.) and a few chakra strings and paper bombs.

    [Academy Student]

    Receives high scores in mental tests but because of her blindness, physical tests are lower. Her past does not concern her so she does not cling to it. This helps her become more focused. Her strength is very poor but is still developing, as of now, she is still an Academy Student.

    Rp Sample:
    *'s indicating action (ex. *walks outside*)
    Italics indicating thoughts (ex. How boring...I wish there was something a little more exhilarating.

    (Parentheses)talking out of character
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