The akatsuki ware on a single step to win, when all the bijuu's selaed ware unleashed.All them ware killed.A new generation rises...Be good or be evil.Your choice...Your story.

    Demon Sword


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    Demon Sword Empty Demon Sword

    Post by faj on Sun Mar 29, 2009 1:28 pm

    Name : The Demon King - oni-kontan kuchikukan

    Demon Sword Sword2

    Description : A ancient sword driven up from the underworld to only those who it sees worthy , the sword is made of a special material from the underworld making it unbreakable , the user is able to channel chakra into it and release it in forms of black bolts of lightning, or fireballs

    The sword will only obey whom it serves , and if anyone else tries to use this sword it will crumble away and form again in the true owners hand

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