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    The Rokai Clan

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    The Rokai Clan Empty The Rokai Clan

    Post by Lex Rokai on Sun Mar 29, 2009 1:59 pm

    History//Legend of the Clan:

    -From the heaven did the angel of death rain down. From hell did the demon of life rise from. In years did they battle, and the humans became scared of these 'monsters'. When the humans had attacked, those few and danced with the devil. From this did the Rokai clan was born, from the blood and tears of the angel and demon had shead. The first human to rule the clan was Noma Rokai. This woman had made the clan into the most seacert. After Noma's death did the other girls of the village find there unquie abillaty. The second leader; Sinra Rokai. He was the founder of the power for the men of the clan. Many had became ninjas. It's to be said that they only had one tready with another village; Rock.- Now this is only a myth, no one remebers this.

    Kekkei Genkai//Bloodline of the Clan:
    Able to control only one of the eight elenmaents. For those who control fire, can summon Inko the fire lord. For ice is the godness Centara. For light heavens worrier Sota. For Darkness demon Shin. For Lighting god of thunder Funta.For Earth's gradein Ross. For Winds keeper Yunin. And lastly Water's life, Unina.

    Clan Information:
    The Rokai clan had been cut off from the many other clans. Many people in this clan mostly kept to them seleves, and only talked to thier own clan members. Until the 10th leader of the clan most of the ninjas were woman. For this reason was that most of the girls had a strange power. Now most days wemon could be found walking the street. Most men jumping from roof tops. Back then wemon were allowed to be ninjas, but now they are civilotins. The currant Nagrakage had made this a law.

    - Population ::
    Class B = 500 - 1000 members

    - Nature//Values ::
    They keep a low profile, but over all they have become nasty, and yet they help smaller villages. They have become like this when the 11th Nagarkage came into offaice

    Additional Information [Optional]:

    - Clan Founder ::
    It's said that Noma was the founder. But some of the elders say it was the angel of death and demon of life had found it. So who do you think was the founder?

    - Relationship ::
    Lex relationship with this clan is in a very bad state. She belives that the current leader was the calses of her memorie loss, but also that another clan or person had taken them. But she belives that the person had came from the same clan as her. Eather way the bond with this Clan and ex-Rokai can be broken easly.

    - Important Members ::
    The most important members of this clan are
    Noma Rokai: founder (female)
    Senra Rokai: 2nd Nagrakage (male)
    Fuinten Rokai: 6th Nagrakage (male)
    Humitan Rokai: Current leader (11th Nagrakage and male)
    (I hope me putting in Nagrakage was ok ^.^; )

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