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    Zara Youn Hung

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    General Information:

    Name:Zara Youn Hung

    Nickname/Alias: ---

    Weight: 96

    Height: 5"1

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Zara Youn Hung Blonde

    Personality: Kind she likes to help others, reads a lot and enjoys working around the house, Friendly to everyone even people that dont really like her.

    Clan Information

    Clan Name: Hung

    Kekei Genkai: unkwown to Zara

    Clan Symbol: none

    Clan History: unknown, Zara was never actully with her clan so she doesn't know anything about them

    Rank Information:

    Rank: (What rank is your character?)

    Village: leaf but now she moves around, always travelling

    Skill Information:

    Skill Specialty:Main: Hand to Hand Combat Sub: Genjutsu

    Elemental Affinity:(Pick a Main and a Sub: Main: Water Sub:wind

    Special Characteristics:(Anything of Interest about your character. Kekkei Genkai, Special abilities, Large Chakra Reserves, etc. Those kinds of things go here.)

    Name:Slicing Wind
    Description:Zara amplifies the wind element to use this technique. SHe swings an arm and makes an extremely sharp and thin air slice that can cut through anything. SHe can use this technique a number of times in a row however each time She does, the arm She uses the technique with gets cut so If he uses it too much her arm will be cut to shreds. SHe can use it a few times in a row before it starts to do damage however.

    Name:Water Bunssu
    Description:Zara focusses her energy on water element and creates a large ball of water that is bigger than herself. SHe then hurls this at an enemy and it doesn't break its shape on impact it goes straight through the person so that at some stage they are actually concealed within the water bubble. It does no damage at all.

    Background Information/RP Sample:----
    History: Zara is of Hung blood but she doesn't act like it, supposivly the Hung clan were vilant but not Zara, but theis might be because she got sent away by her mother to live with a friend of the family's, the friend theat took her in wasn't very nice to Zara so on Zara's tenth birthday she ran off to the leaf village and started to go to the academy, where she was looked after by a local farmer that also working in the local butchers, Zara behaved herself while in the Farmers care, When it was her second year in the academy she started to get into fights with the girls, the girls called her a wuss because zara didn't like fighting, so zara finaly got past the academy, she was now 13 when she had to leave from the farmers care and go travelling out of the village because the farmer didn't have enough money to feed them both, so zara though it'd be best to leave. She started to work along the road side seeling of food she made getting the money she went back to the Leaf to keep in training, she was now 15 and a jounin, by this time she couldn't pay herself to live in her apartment and went back to traveling, and thats what she does

    Rp Sample:Zara walked down to the harbor and looked out at the water as the sun set and the suns heavenly beems gazed down on the water, the night birds landed in the water
    -sigh- she watched the birds then flutter over the water
    "one day...i'm going to fly....i dont know how, but i will....well one day..."
    Zara gazed amoung the yellow sun as it went down
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