The akatsuki ware on a single step to win, when all the bijuu's selaed ware unleashed.All them ware killed.A new generation rises...Be good or be evil.Your choice...Your story.

    Rules...MUST BE READ

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    Rules...MUST BE READ Empty Rules...MUST BE READ

    Post by Kero Fuji on Sat Mar 28, 2009 1:40 pm

    Please bear in mind that your RP experience will be affected by what your character is like. Remember that if you play as an Akatsuki member or a Missing-Nin you have to mind the consequences - you will be hunted down if you show up in a village, and if you do something dramatic you might have problems. It is also worth noting that there are limits on the number of certain ranks and clans.

    -->Now on the the basic rules of the forum and site:

    1. Once your ninja character is approved you won't be able to alter it, except to add jutsu. A moderator will have to approve new jutsu before you can add it.

    2. While RPing DO NOT GOD-MOD. If you God mod, you will get a warning, If you do it again, Then it's a 1 day ban. If again, a week. Again, permant.

    3. Spamming is something we have a strict policy about. Please avoid double-posting, you can edit your original post instead. Only create topics when it is necessary, not 'just because'. You will get up to 2 verbal warnings, followed by a suspension and then a ban if you do not adhere to this rule. There is a Spam forum - keep it in there...

    4. Only Chuunin-level ninjas and above are able to leave the village to join a criminal organization or become/be trained by a Missing-Nin.

    5. Also here you can develop techniques yourself. If you do, you will be the direct "owner" of these techniques, no one else has the right to use them unless they ask authorization from the author, and he\she agrees. This rules also applies to every custom summons, and custom weapons they are exclusively yours unless you want to share them.

    6. If you would like a topic to be kept between yourself and a specific member, put a bracket after the title saying "Private"

    7. don't overuse the replacement/substitution (Kawarimi) technique.

    8. Don't PM any Staff member about rank changes/promotions!

    9. Any question you have MUST be PMed to a Staff member. Please don't post anywhere asking questions.

    10. No spamming is allowed in the Chatbox. The Chatbox is a place to, like its name implies, chat with other members, but don't be stupid.

    11. Don't be reckless. If your character dies, just make another 1 instead of starting an arguement over it.

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