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    General Information:

    Name:Kentarou Kitsunaka




    Age: 10

    Gender: Male

    Looks: Avatar

    Personality:Super childish-like , very active and playful , adventurest , crazy sometimes , not quite talkative but still active

    Clan Information

    Clan Name:Kitsunaka

    Kekei Genkai: Raifuugan

    Clan Symbol: Soon

    Clan History: It's all kinds of kitsune gathering all over the world and all types of seasons at a secret hideout that only part of the Kitsunaka clan can enter . All the Kitsunaka's can use various types of jutsus' of theirs which is their kekkei genkai by controlling the four seasons . It usually has many festivals which is like everytime and it's easy to go to through using a jutsu like tranporting to the Kitsunaka Sennin World . Then one day , something went wrong after an unexpected attack till almost all Kitsunaka's were reaching the end but luckily there were only few survivors of different types of seasons and all around the world still .

    Rank Information:

    Rank: Genin

    Village: Yuki

    Skill Information:

    Skill Specialty: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, KitsuNinJutsu

    Elemental Affinity: Wind, Water, Lightning

    Special Characteristics: Kekkei Genkai, Special abilities, Large Chakra Reserves


    Background Information/RP Sample:

    Kitsunaka Arc
    After a serious attack occured , he was sent quickly to a safe play to hid him for safety . His parents was the leaders of the Kitsunaka clan so they had to fight . While his father fought , his mother and him was found and his mother went into action as well . Using all they can do is to tranfer everything they have to their child before the lose their live , all their chakra , abillities and everything of their power was transfered into him . In the fight of his parents , the one who found him and his mother was fighting till forgotten about finding Kentarou . The enemy left once they were out-numbered and then most of the Kitsunaka were still safe and spread out back to a safe place while Kentarou was just laying there until he gets on when a lady took him into an child orphanage .

    Academy Arc
    Once he grew up a little older , the career decide to let him be checked wether his fit for to be a ninja . It was quite suprising at first . They said the test was okay but the suprising thing is the ammount of power he had inside of himself , so they had him as an Academy Student for the time being . Many people knew he was a loner and is not good much . It was quite saddening even though he doesnt cares . The rumor began spreading in the class of his and with him not bothering with the face but inside , he feels a little lefted out . Then they decide to put him in a Genin class and he fit quite well as they dont really know much about him in the class so they just like playing around with him like a toy kid and keeps on with it like a very fun kid . So then , they decided to put him into a Genin class and hopefully he should be safe since there is a team of 3 and a sensei to watch over him .

    Rp Sample: See a swing and goes plays with it* Yay ! Higher , higher ! *smiles happily*

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